Ann Budd is coming to Wildfiber Studio!

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The Famous teacher, designer, person extraordinaire, Ann Budd is coming to Wildifiber Studio July 23rd- 24th, 2016 for 2 days of workshops! Come to Santa Monica for the day, and come to one, two or three of the workshops. She has authored more than a dozen books including The Handy Book Series and one our favorites, Getting Started Knitting Socks!

Space is limited, so if you are interested in this special opportunity to take classes from a Knitting Legend don’t wait too long.

 Available Classes are:

Saturday, July 23rd~ 10am-1pm

Flexible Cast-ons and Bind-Offs

Socks are most comfortable if the cuff edge is flexible enough to stretch over the heel and
firm enough to hug the leg. Learn a variety of Ann's favorite methods for starting and ending socks, whether they’re knitted from the toe up or the top down, including the Cable, Old Norwegian and Tubular cast-ons, as well as Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy, Tubular, and Sewn bind-offs.

You'll actually find all of these methods quite useful for other knitting besides socks. How many times have you had to rip out a shawl bind-off because it was too tight?

Saturday, July 23rd~ 2-5 pm 

Intarsia in The round

In this class, you'll learn how to knit color-block motifs such as argyle patterns in the round (for socks and hats, for example) according to the Annetarsia technique developed by Anne Berk. Following the technique used for her Harlequin socks in New Directions in Sock Knitting, you'll knit a sample that will prepare you for knitting any intarsia pattern in the round. Intarsia, or color-block, patterns are not limited to knitting back and forth in rows.

Sunday, July 24th   10am-4:30pm

Knitting Steeks and Inserting Zippers

One of Ann's newest workshops is "Knitting Steeks and Inserting Zippers". Ann will teach you how to confidently take a knitted piece and cut it so that you can add a zipper (or button band). Spend a full day with Ann Budd learning Knitting Steeks and Inserting Zippers. Learn how to add steeks so two- (or more) color patterns that are worked in rounds can be cut open—typically for a front opening, armholes, and neckline of a sweater. In this class, you’ll knit a coffee clutch with a two-color pattern and steek stitches, then cut the steek open and finish the cut edge with a colorful zipper.

Enjoy lunch with us during this is a day long long class. 

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