Learn to Weave a Honeycomb Scarf on the Rigid Heddle Loom

Sunday, May 3, 10am - 4pm

Instructor: Deborah Jarchow

Class Level: Advanced Beginner
Description: Join Master weaver Deborah Jarchow and learn to make  a Honeycomb Scarf on the Rigid Heddle Loom


Description: By using pick up sticks and yarns of various thicknesses, you can achieve a wonderful textural pattern in your woven cloth.  For this project, I wanted to experiment with a honeycomb design that would showcase yarns of various sizes and textures.  Sampling is the best way to determine what the fabric will look like after finishing.  On a structure like honeycomb, the cloth radically changes shape from its appearance on the loom to its final form after wet finishing.  I tried a few different cell sizes in the samples as well as different weft yarns and different setts to see how they all look together.  Then I tested a firmer beat and different spacing between the honeycomb rows to see what would ensue.  Also, I experimented with making the warp all the same color as well as mixing colors in the warp to see how that affected the design. My sampling determined that the pattern is more defined if a thick yarn is used around the honeycomb cells. This project will allow you to play with various yarns and experience how wet finishing can change and enhance the structure.

Homework:  Direct warp the loom with 68 ends (34 slots, 34 holes). When rolling onto the back beam, carefully keep even tension on all threads, making sure all warp threads go around the back beam evenly without falling off the sides of the warp bundle. Spread  the warp threads to even them out by weaving in some waste yarn.

Supplies: Equipment required:  Rigid heddle loom with 10” weaving width, 7.5 or 8 dent reed, 4 shuttles (I used 2 stick, 2 boats with 1 bobbin each). Warp YarnLight worsted weight variegated or hand dyed (1,600 yd/lb, 1.75 oz/175 yds), 185 yards.

Weft yarns (yarns should be purchased at Wildfiber Studio):

Light worsted weight (731 yd/lb; 1.75 oz/80 yds), 75 yards.

Solid color worsted weight (1,508 yd/lb, 1.75 oz/165 yds), 90 yards.

Heavy worsted (649 yd/lb, 1.75 oz/ 71 yds), 25 yards

Heavy worsted (685 yd/lb, 1.75 oz/ 75 yds), 50 yards

Other Supplies

Tapestry needle for hemstitching, 2 pick up sticks, cardboard strip for warp separator

Supplies provided in class: We will have Cricket Looms available for everyone but bring your own loom (with all accessories) if you have one.  You may want to rent the class loom to take home with you in order to finish your project.
Get a 10% discount on the Cricket Loom when you purchase one from us. Please call us at (310) 458-2748 for details. 

Class Fee: $125 plus materials.

Early Bird Enrollment available.

Light snacks will be served. Bring a box lunch or order from one of our local eateries if you would like something more substantial.

Please read our Class Policies Here

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