ChiaoGoo Twist Interchangeable Needle Sets

The TWIST Red Lace needles are machine-precisioned, surgical-grade, stainless steel and have a smooth, satin-sheen finish. The red cable is multi-strand, steel, nylon-coated and memory free so it does not kink while knitting. Needle size is laser imprinted on each circular.

Interchangeable TWIST Needle Sets Include:

The Complete Set:  4" OR 5" tips in sizes US 2/2.75mm - US 15/10.0mm

The Small Set: 4" OR 5" tips in sizes US 2/2.75mm - US 8/5.0mm

The Mini Set:4" OR 5" tips in sizes US 000/1.5mm - US 1.5/2.5mm

Both sets include: 14" cable, 22" cable, and 30" cable. End stoppers, keys, needle gauge ruler, stitch markers. All contained in an adorable compact, zippered book-style case with double-rows of pockets and one zippered outside pocket.

The MINI system is not compatible with Small [S] or Large [L] interchangeable systems.

Collection: All Products

Type: Knitting Needles

Brand: ChiaoGoo

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